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Kansas City Zoo


Part of the Humbolt Penguins exhibit has its own outside access. They are a warm weather penguin.  I wish I could have a pool in my house that I could just slide in and out like they do.  

They congregate in front of a door thinking that’s the door the zoo keepers come out of for the feedings.

Still at the wrong door.

Feeding time is outside. They have two feeding times during the day. Feeding them is a two person job. They even have zoo keepers that go around to different exhibits at certain times and answer questions and talk about those animals.  Great for kids and even adults. Some adults there seem to think penguins could fly. 

Different kinds of Flamingos. 

Their lift system that takes you through Africa. You still have to do a lot of walking. The lift does not cover all of that part of Africa.  They have a big African elephant area.  The lift does not go back to the elephants or the hippos.

Mountain Gorilla viewing area. They had one alpha male that was 33 years old. His parents were located in Louisville zoo and both his parents are still alive into their mid 50’s. The zoo keepers said in the wild the average age is in their mid 30’s and captivity is much longer due to better quality of food and vets.

The alpha male.  They zoo has two females they want to breed with the alpha male but not tell their new baby is a little older. For the time being he is on birth control.

The alpha male and the 1 year old baby.  Currently, he only weighs 12 pounds.  Which is pretty small considering how big they get as adults. The baby’s name is Masika. Defiantly could be a gymnast. 

Not an ting to deal with the public.

The lions den.

A Rhino.

Their baby Chimpanzee who is also a year old.  His mom died a month ago but the rest of the group is helping take care of him even his 17 year old sister.

Feeding time.

This is where they take the boat tour. The boat tour costs a few extra dollars as well as the the train ride and the lift.

The Murcats.

The Kangaroo in Australia.

The Red Pandas from China.

In the African part they have two singing dogs. They look like a blonde husky. Apparently, a snake was in their shelter and made itself at home in the hay.  The dogs were going nuts and barking at it.  The snake even lunged at one of them. The snake had to be at least 3 feet long. Eventually, the zoo keepers came with a bag and a snake range king pole.  Unfortunately, the snake slithered up a tree before it could be caught.

The Kansas City is a good zoo. Or atl least for the area.  There are better zoos like in Tucson, Omaha or Chicago. But it is still worth going to non the less. If you plan on visiting, plan for an all day adventure and a lot of walking. My wife and I got there a little after 9 am and did not leave tell after 3:30pm.  There is a lot of ground to cover. Which is why they offer multiple ways of getting to different parts of the park like the lift, train and boat. You do get to see a lot of things. There are plenty of snack areas that offer water and pop and picnic areas for you to eat or picnic. The staff is very friendly and informative.

Kansas City Zoo


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