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TSA on Verge of Being Fired.

TSA has been in the news a lot lately with its problem of long lines and failure to catch things in the screenings. We do need better security at airports but the rate TSA is going they are almost ruining an industry.  The staff that deal with the public on daily bases are overworked and short staffed. The problem is the lack of staff and inability to retain staff. Here are any number of ways to resolve these issues.  But I a sure they have thought of them by now or at least I would hope so.  

Many airports are wanting to switch to private security.  Some airports already do have private security.  It would be nice to have consistency when traveling through airports.  Maybe it is not even TSAs fault. Maybe it is the fault of the architect who designed the air ports and dos not plan for better security.  Ultimately, I think it boils to poor management, whether it is the supervisor, manager, VP or whom ever something needs to change. But needles to say it is a problem that needs fixed.

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