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Tulip Festival in Wamego, Ks

The Tulip Festival in Wamego, Kansas is a nice change of pace if you are use to the The Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City. The Tulip Festival is much smaller and fewer vendors than the Maple Leaf festival. It makes for nice scenery with all the tulips and the mill. If festivals are not your thing, there are other things to do in Wamego.  See and Do in Wamego. Wamego is really big into The Wizard of Oz, so there are many things based around The Wizard of Oz.  The town is very family oriented and fun for the whole family.  It is a small farm community and has the small town feel.

The fountain at the park. 

The fountain with my fiancé and now wife.  We actually got married on 5/14/11. Oddly, the same day this is being posted on our five year anniversary.

The pond in the park. We took our lab mix who we named Dixie to swim there a few years later.  She did not like it that much. I think it made her nervous because she could not find a good path in the water.  She is very liery of water unless my wife or I actually go in with her then she does not seem to mind going in the water.  

The Dutch Mill

Inside the mill. The mill is actually a Dutch Mill History. It was used to ground corn and flower. The mill was made or at least started in 1879 by John Schonoff.  John made every part of the mill himself.  The only part he did not make was the main drive shaft which he got from Leavenworth, Kansas.  John Chadwick actually milled and made the lime stone tower.  He was actually, a Wamego resident. You can find further information about the mill on the Dutch Mill History link.

Our dogs on the car ride home.  This is highly unusual.  Normally, they are all over the place and want to put their heads out the window like most dogs.  They had a busy weekend at the lake.  Mostly because they had long walks to get their energy out.  

The Tulip Festival

See and Do

The Maple Leaf Festival

Dutch Mill History

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