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Updating Resume


Rewriting a resume can be a good way to breath new life into a job search.  Just be liery of people asking for money to help you rewrite your resume.  People that ask for money to help with resumes and job coaching can be good, but is still no garuntee of a job interview or guarantee of job placement.  The other problem is that they can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and if you or someone you know is unemployed or underemployed it may be an expense that you will have to weigh heavily.  

Look at local community colleges, opportunities at a library or various other options.  One idea is going to career fairs and just talk to recruiters their and ask what they look for on resumes. You can even look up resume templates online as well just make sure that it is a credible source.  Another, good idea is to make a couple different versions of your resume to hand out.  When I say different versions, I refer to different versions that highlight different things on your resume. This is beneficial of you are applying to different kinds of jobs. 


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