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Last Days of World Fest?! What?! 

This is the view from our hotel balcony. This time we stayed in the Tree House Condos. It was very close to Silver Dollar City. Staying in Indian Point is a good way to avoid traffic going into Silver Dollar City. Most places you stay in that area are going to have a nice view of some wooded areas or the lake.  It is a good way to relax.  There are to many places to possibly mention but check out old posts for other recomendations. 

A view of the lake at night from our patio.

This trip to Branson we actually did some stuff we did not usually do on our trips.  We went to some distillers. Usually we go to winery’s but when you go to the same three multiple times you want something different. Usually. The first one we visited was Coppers Run.  It is a very nice place and off the highway a little.  Apparently, since it was the slow season they had reduced hours.  We went on a day they were closed but the owner, who happens to live fifty yards from the distillery, walked down and opened up just for us to sample.  Since his computers were “down”, he sold us some bottles as long as we had exact change and did not charge sales tax since everything was “down”.  It’s worth the visit.  They have mixed drinks using their alcohol. They even have music on occasions.

The other distillery we visited was at the The Landing.  It was called Missouri Mountain Moonshine. The distillery opened in the summer of 2015. So they are still new.  They serve BBQ on one side of building and have the moonshine and other product like shirts, glasses and jams.  Their moonshine is very good. It is a smaller proof than most but have a variety of flavors.  Sweat tea, ciniman, apple pie, mixed berry and peach to name a few.  The bbq was very good.  The menu is small but very good.  That’s saying a lot coming from a Kansas City resident.  If you live in a major bbq area like Kansas City, Texas or Memphis it can be hard to find good BBQ where you travel even from chain restaurants.  Not to mention any names of such sub par BBQ, Cough! Cough! Famous Daves! Cough! But I digress.  

Pictures of Missouri Mountain Distillary.

Silver Dollar City was decided to end the World Fest festival after 16 years.  Granite some acts have been there for all 16 years and others are rotated in over the years.  There are many to satisfy a variety of interests. One of my favorites is Dearbhail Finnegan. It is nice having a variety of shows to choose from but many of them are repeat acts.  Many of the the performers actually perform three or four times a day and have different acts for each time slot.  That is extra motivation to go multiple days and view them at different times.  One nice thing is Silver Dollar City has a barn that they use for different venues and during this festival they use it as a food vendor.  They serve different foods from around the world.  Some of them are pretty stereo typical like fish and chips, tacos and pizza but many of them are good but a little pricy like $7-8 for two tacos.  But that is normal for Cough! Cough! Steal Your Dollar City. But as I mentioned in the title, this is the last year for the festival.  Which, it is nice to see music acts but for some one like me I was ready for a new thing.  Maybe it was because my wife and I and the Inlaws go three or times in a year every other year so maybe I was ready to see something new. They are releasing the name and function of the new festival that is suppose to replace World Fest to the season pass holders in the fall. About a week or two the staff at the park are suppose to find out.  Hmmm! Seems a little backwards! Shouldn’t the staff know before customers so they can answer questions?! 😏

Pictures of World fest Past:

One new addition to the festival was the addition of Ancestry.com to the park. Granite, most of what they were doing was showing off their fancy website.  They had a few representatives their to help you navigate the website.  They were also there to help sell memberships.  I had a nice chat with them about our trees. They were surprised how much work and effort I had put into mine.  But, when it comes to family trees and history it is not a competition.  All in good fun! I wish they would have been there several years ago to get me started.  

Warning! Shameless self pitch coming!

By the way if you would like help with your family tree just leave a comment on this post and I can get in touch with you!

Is Christianity on the Decline?!

Recently in the news there have been news casts about the Vatican encouraging an open door policy at its churches for the LGBT community.  Much of it has to do with the changing times and that other churches have started doing this in other denominations.  It is great that they starting to be inclusionary, but it seems a little late after many religious groups are demonizing gay marriage.

It seems like, the Vatican especially, has made many changes about what it beliefs such as aliens, birth control, abortion and gay rights.  The Vatican should not be a political party.  If there was any one true religion, there would be a constant set of beliefs according to that denominations gospel based on religious texts. Thus, avoiding any wiggle room for interpretation of the texts. They should not have to change their views on issues just to get people to sit in the pews and donate to the church.

Yes, there are many soup kitchen and pantries through churches and that’s great that some demonization so still practice love for their fellow man. But do not forget about the Phelps family using religion as a way to spread hate using passages from the bible.

Throughout history religions have come and gone for one reason or another. For many, like Greek, Roman and Egyptian they were found to simply explain the unexplained, many Mediterranean and northern African they simply fizzled out. Groups like the Native Americans and Central and South American Indians they were nearly all but slaughtered and forced to convert in many cases and put in “Christian Schools”. Eventually, many were moved to reservations or protected areas. In the case of Christianity, many traditions were bored from others.  The idea of decorating homes and places of worship with holly were from Egyptians, Druids and the Romans.  Many religions like the Celtics, Druids, Romans and Greece were eventually absorbed into Christianity.  Many traditions that those other cultures practiced developed into what we see now with all the decorations, lights and later in about the 17th century came the Christmas tree.

Now, I am guessing religious texts do not cover holidays and decorations as part of the normal texts, bibles or Koran etc….. The original Christian services were held in public places for all to attend sometimes in caves because of weather or hiding from the Roman army pre – Constantine.  Now you see all these mega churches, gothic cathedrals and churches in general, why is there a need to build massive buildings to practice a religion.  I understand buildings need upkeep and they need staff to clean and run the church.  But many churches bring in a lot of money. Christianity has a lot of borrowed qualities to ease the transition from a different religion.

Paranormal Web Site

Pararatinal.com this is a good little web site for everything paranormal. It gives a basic description of a number of paranormal accounts. The website has a number of tabs for different topics.  This is nice if you have a wide interest in the paranormal but do not want to go to umpteen different websites to read articles, view pictures or see videos.  

This is also a good place for fans of the radio show Coast to Coast AM. Ofcourse each persons interest in Coast to Coast depends on the topic of the nigh.  



The need for Drama

Science Alert came out with a new study to measure a persons need for drama.  Almost falls along the lines of narcissism.  They even tried to relate it too the movie Mean Girls. Of course it seems like older generations tend to attach something like this to younger generations or even Generation Y.  Which, in some cases it very well could be applied to younger generations but often times people grow out of it for a variety of reasons. In some cases it continues well into older ages. If it continues there could be other things going on so the individual. Which it could be anything from physical or emotional trauma, mental illness or a lack of maturity.  In any case, before designating it as any of,the previous ideas listed it could be a good idea to consult a professional that may be able to help resolve these issues as it may lead to problems socially through life. 



Eisenhower Museum

The drive back to Lake Wabunsee from Abiline, Ks. The drive was through the flint hills.  We went through Alma, Ks from Eskridge, Ks. Great scenery but windy roads so a 15 mile drive might take 20 – 30 minutes. Well worth the drive if you like to drive and see the scenery. It is referred to as the Native Stone Scenic Byway. This drive allows you to see old fences that were built by local rocks and used by ranchers as an alternate to using medal and wooden posts. 


Eisnhower child hood home.  It was very small by today’s standards.  Many of the items on the inside were original to the family home. Much of the tour was confined to a small section of hallway.  The upstairs is off limits to the public. They have a guided tour. That part of the tour lasts about 20 minutes.


A picture of the museum on the outside.


A few vehicles from the period.


A painting by Adolf Hitler.  He was actually denied access to art school for not being able to draw people.  Art takes many forms and not always in the shape of people! Just saying! I am pretty sure Picasso was not penalized for not drawing his people to scale especially in any Pablo Picasso painting.  For what it’s worth he was actually a good artist.  Just think how the world could have been different if he would have been accepted into art school instead.  The possibilities….


Another Adolf original. He was actually a pretty good artist.


A view of the entire campus.  A very nice campus. A great place to take the family. Lots of open space for kids to play. 


The statue of General Eisnhower.


Even though World War 2 seems to be taught a lot in schools it was still very educational.  It covered all the countries small and large in the war.  Even Asia.  For me when I was in school Asia was never really covered or very much.  Which, it seems like anymore more schools focus on Adolf Hitlers rise to power, the Holocaust, the war on both fronts and post war.  Very little seems to be covered of the other countries that were victims of the war or involved in the war.  

There have been countless biographies and auto biographies about General Eisnhower so I will not take a chance on trying to cover his accomplishments and life story in a short blog. All I will say is he is and was one of the people that made the transition from military life to politician successfully.  He guided the country through World War 2 and through civil rights. The general was not without his faults but they were so few to count.  He was probably one of the Presidents to be well like nationally and internationally.  During his presidency he put into place term limits.  Before that time it was more of a guideline or a gentlemens agreement to not exceed two limits.  Until then it had been followed tell President Roosevelt. 

In the actual museum they have a section all about hi wife Mamie Eisenhower.  Much of it covered fashion and how important she was during her time as First Lady. The First Lady always plays a major role in the presidents life.  Following the small section about Mamie Eisenhower the museum begins to discuss her husband. Much of it covers the time during the Cold War. 

There is lots of information on Richard Nixon as well. Richard Nixons parts do not cover Waterhate or anything during his presidency. It actually paints a positive picture of him.

They had a temporary exhibit there when my wife and I were there. Normally, temporary exhibits are maybe a year. This exhibit I think had been there for three years. I believe it was coming to close not long after Valentine’s Day. The exhibit was called World War 2 Remembered. This exhibit had a lot of reading. This part of the visit easily took about 45 minutes and we did not read every word. It was very good.

There was a small chapel on site where the Presidenent and his wife were buried with one of their sons.  Well worth the stop.

The description of the World War 2 Rememebrered which was located in the museum states as follows: 

(The core exhibit located in the Museum Temporary Gallery provides an overview of World War II. The chronology of the war is located on your right-hand side while more in-depth information is provided on your left. Artifacts bringing the story to life are intermingled throughout the entirety of the exhibit. Focusing on the personal stories of unsung heroes and the lesser-known events of the war, World War II Remembered showcases the major theaters of the war and special units including the Tuskegee Airmen and Native American Code Talkers. Discover the brave contributions of the Ritchie Boys – Jewish refugees from Hitler’s Germany who returned to Europe as U.S. soldiers. In addition, the exhibit features the heroic stories of women at war and on the working home front. Artifacts bringing the story to life are intermingled throughout the entirety of the exhibit. The curatorial staff is pleased to display rare artifacts from our very own holdings alongside those borrowed from collections around the world.

Following the core exhibit, you will find the supplemental exhibits that will be completely changed out approximately every nine months.) (Website)

The other exhibit located in the Library which was called: Be Ye Men of Valour: Allies of World War II

(“Centuries ago words were written to be a call and a spur to the faithful servants of Truth and Justice: ‘Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valour, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation….'” –Winston Churchill, 19 May 1940

This exhibit strives to tell the untold and forgotten stories of the many allies involved in the war effort. While it was major industrial powers like the United States, England, and the Soviet Union that provided the bulk of manpower and resources, dozens of other Allies selflessly spent blood and treasure of their own to defeat the Axis powers. This exhibit explores the important victories, defeats, personalities, and causes associated with the lesser-known Allied nations and resistance groups.) (Website)

The museum is worth the visit if you have the time.  It could take you a 2-3 hours depending on the exhibits they have at that time.  Defenatly a good day trip.  Not much left in Abilene it self.  A few restaurants and a few small sites. It is not far from Fort Riley.   

Extra Reading: