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Hoover Dams’ Damn Tour!

My wife and I stopped at the Hoover Dam on our way from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas.  My wife had never been there so we thought it might be fun. We did not see Chevy Chase climbing the damn this time around.  Probably with the added security.  The first time I was there I was I think a sophomore or junior in high school and security was pretty lax back then.  That was of course before 9/11 and before terrorizim was major credible threat. 

Built during the Depression; thousands of men and their families came to Black Canyon to tame the Colorado River. It took less than five years, in a harsh and barren land, to build the largest dam of its time. The Hoover Dam still stands as a world-renowned structure. The Dam is a National Historic Landmark and has been rated by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of America’s Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders. (Hoover Damn Website) The making of the dam put many people to work during the depression.  People came from all over to work dangerous jobs to support their families.  In fact many people brought there families here to live during the construction.  The workers of the damn made their own tent city about 6 miles away to be close to the damn.  The dam it self is an engineering marvel for its time considering the technology at hand.  It’s amazing that it is still working today.  To think that in a matter of 15 -18 years it will be 100 years old.  I have seen different sources say different things about the number of people that died while making the damn.


Sources and links:

All photos taken by author.

Hoover Damn website

Las Vegas 

My wife and I took a trip to Las Vegas in 2011.  These are some random photos from that trip. We stayed at the Silverton Hotel which is just off the Vegas strip. They offered a shuttle to the stip and would drop us off at Ceasers Palace.  They had a shuttle arrive every hour until 10pm.  It’s is cheaper than parking your car on the strip. Our hotel had a bass pro attached to it. It was not very busy since it was not on the strip which was nice.  We went to Vegas on the way home from the Grand Canyon. It was just a short few hour drive.    

My wife posing with a giraffe.

The Balazzio


I always wanted a water fall in my house. This may be as close as I get.
The Luxor hotel.

My wife in Egypt. Kind of. We did not walk like an Egyptian while we were there. Sadly, they did not have the right music on for it.


The old strip. They were doing a 9/11 tribute and a Beatles tribute.


The pirate show. Not as kid friendly as I remembered it. They have really good and big margaritas.  It took my wife and I about 30 minutes to finish I shared margaritas. 


 Bellagio Hotel


While we hit almost every hotel while we were there I just took pictures of stuff we liked.  

Virginia Beach Statue


Road Trip To Virginia

 St. Louis leg.

Circa 2009/2010

All pictures taken by the Author.

All the photos were taken while driving.  Well I wasn’t driving but the car was moving.


 West Virginia


Virginia Beach, Va at Christmas

Cercia 2009/2010. Photos taken by author. These were taken on Christmas.  

Sportsman Ship in High School

A short news piece about a coach in Texas.  Played his his team manager who has developmental issues in the last few minutes of the game.  He missed a few shots but a player from the other team inbounded the ball to the other teams manager and let him make a shot.   More coaches and players should be like this in school age sports.