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To much Infasis on STEMS?

Can to much of anything be bad?

Heston, Kansas Shooting

A woman gave the shooter the guns to do the shooting.  Granit, I am sure most people do not just give others gone with prior knowledge of a shooting but there needs to be harsher sentencing for straw purchasing or gifting guns to people.  I know that is standard practice but it seems like it’s easier to gift a gun than transfer ownership of a car. All gun transactions should be required to go through a licensed dealer.  In a case like this a shooting could have been prevented given his past history of domestic violence.  It will not solve all shootings but it would be a start and make people more accountable for whom they are selling guns, gifting or doing a straw purchase with.  


Irish Folks having American BBQ for first time

A video clip of some Irish people trying American BBQ for the first time. 


Liberal Arts Degree

This is a good article from the Washington Post about the importance of a liberal arts degree.  A liberal arts degree allows to explore interests.


Resume Tips to Avoid Sounding Like a Narcissist 

Many of these tips are pretty straight forward and I have yet to actually hear of any one doing them like adding a picture with the resume.  Others are good tips.  When it comes to actually writing a resume, looking at many sources helps.  There are many different ways to writing a quality resume.  There is not a sure fire way to write a resume.  Hopefully some these tips help.


Kansas City on a Budget

If you are new the Kansas City metro, just visiting or have lived here for awhile and need or want to try something new. Midwest Living has compiled a list of things to do in a budget in Kansas City.  If you are from or are a recent convert you may have already been to a few of these places.