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Missouri Conceal Carry Update

KCTV5 Posted a news update about the recent changes to Missouri conceal carry law. 

National Prarie Preserve 

NPR Kansas

National Park Service runs the tall grass prairie preserve. It is worth visiting. They have an old barn that has been restored as well as an old farm house that is called the Flying Z ranch. The actual farm house is the visitor center. They have spark ranger there and have a gift shop and a video about the history of the property and they give you a tour. They also have a bison heard on the park.

Star Tribune



Early Election Results

Politico posted early election results broken down by state. It may not 100% up to date at any given time but at least it will provide a almost a play by play.

Gun Sale Spike

KCTV 5 in Kansas City had a report on a spike in gun sales due to the election. It is interesting how people get worried about certain politicians are trying to take away their guns so there becomes a big rush to go buy as many guns as you can.  Constitutionally, guns can not be taken away, unless there is a reason like committed a crime. As for an assault rifle ban, they may be fun to shoot but not sure how necessary they are outside of military and law infrocement.