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Silver Dollar City at Christmas Part 2

This year when my wife and I went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo it was raining/ice mix. But luckily it was not coming down very hard but it lasted almost all day. If you have the time to go it is highly recommended.  
    Inside the church.
  The view outside the church window.  Outside the church.
   Outside the candle shop, bakery and kitchen supply mill.
 A little section of the candy store. If you go to the other side of the store they actually have demonstrations on how to make Peanut Brittle. After words they break it up and give free samples. Unfortunately, we missed the demonstration this time. 

  Jewelry store.
    The Christmas store that sells all Christmas decorations. 
  The glass shop.  They also do glass etching on mugs and glass wear. In the garage next door they do glass making demonstrations.   
    My wife the photo bomber.
 The knife shop and leather store.

Just outside the general store and ice cream shop. 

The instro to the main Christmas tree lighting at the Main Street. Well worth the watch. Much better in person. The lights start almost a minute into the video.

A short video of the light ice sickle ls in the tree moving in their own.  
We took the train ride again this year. During Christmas time they do a special show in the train. They even put lights in the train but I did not get any pictures of the train.  On the train ride they told us they used roughly 5 million lights around Silver Dollar City. They were having a few lights that were not working but it was still nice to see.  

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