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Day 6 Trip to Chicago the Journey Home

Final Thoughts:

At the start of the trip we bought a city pass. The city pass gives you access to a number of museums/attractions in Chicago.  You basically end up saving 51% off ticketed admission. Which if you are in a budget works just great.  You can easily spend through your bank account if you are not carefull. 

CityPass: Link

We took public transit like the buses. It can be confusing as to which train to take and where to get in at. Probably a good idea to have a smart phone or a local. We could ride the train for 4.50 for two people one way. Much cheaper than a cab. There is a mass transit card you can buy for 66 dollars but it is only good for three days. So it may not be worth it unless you will use it.

The Trip Home:

Today we slept in. Had a late breakfast and went to Nordstroms after we checked out. Our train did not leave until three PM.  We walked to the train station which was a little over a mile. 

Part of the grand room where we waited for the train to arrive. 

The ride home was full of entertainment. Unlike the ride up to Chicago. The train staff was trying to get us to put our luggage in a different car than us all together. Hmm. Seemed a little odd. We did not really want to leave our luggage unattended.  

We made it just outside Ft. Madison about ten minutes.   The engineer came on the overhead and said someone jumped out the window of the train.  This guy left his carry on luggage in the train. We pulled into the station and they had to match all the bags on that car to the passangers so that took a little time.  

So as the train chugged on, someone’s bag had been stolen so they had track that down. They made several announcements to try and get it returned.  

We managed to make it Kansas City’s Union Station.  As we were all getting off single file.  There was a steak knife in front of seat. Which normally wouldn’t be to odd but considering we were the last car and the diner car was four cars up.  So like many people our imagination last got away from us about why a big steak knife would be there….

As we got off the train we got an update about the passanger that jumped off.  They did not find him but they did find 3 kilos of cocain in his carry on bag. Weird! 

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