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Day 5 Trip to Chicago


Today, for breakfast we had the doughnuts again from Do Right. We try different ones to mix it up a little. Besides, stick to what works especially when you are in the go a lot.  This was our last full day in Chicago. 

On the way to our main attraction we went to see the Bean/Cloud. I had wanted to see that for a long time. It was really neat. 

 It was a giant mirror.  There were some other large art work in that little park. It was just a short walk maybe 200 yards to the next destination.   

We worked our way to the Art Institute of Chicago. Now, I had been here before as a kid, much had been changed since last time I was there.  They still had many of the Greek, Byzantine and Chinese, which was always my favorite.  The museum it self was designed very odd.  It has three floors, but only certain elevators go to certain floors.  They have a good selection of Monoe and Vango.  If that is your kind of thing.  Now, they do have a nice eatery.  It was probably the best lunch we had the whole trip only because how good is Museum food usually going to be right?! When I was a kid, my favorite part was always the mid evil armor.  Anymore, it was relegated to just a small room instead of a long hallway as I remember. It was a neat museum. Maybe not as kid friendly as some of the other places in Chicago. 

 One of the few remaining suits.  
 The fountain where we had lunch.   
    Wood Carving
 Art restoration.   

For dinner, we ate at a place called Delux. It was just a short walk from our hotel. It was a good place and kid friendly.  It is owned by the same investors as the Cheese Cake Factory.  It has the same kind of feel to it but not completely. It also does not have cheese cake or at least no more than one kind.  The prices are not close either so may be a fun place if you have kids.

Art Institite: http://m.artic.edu/

DeLux: http://deluxchicago.com/


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