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Day 4 Trip to Chicago


Today we went to the Do Right doughnuts for breakfast. Mainly because we can not get some of these flavors at home like Pistschio. We figured we would rather have doughnuts that are new flavors than some place that serves eggs and potatoes or something.  

We worked our way to the Science and technology museum.  It was crowded. It must have been a school field trip or something.  They had different sections in the museum like a farm, planets/NASA, weather and a submarine. The museum took us most of the day simply because of the size.

Mirror Maze.  
 My wife was in the tornado simulater.   
 Space cow  
Me trying to be an astronaut. 
The submarine, which was called the U505, was a temporary exhibit even though it was at the museum perminatly. The had to modify the submarine to allow visitors in like cut an enterance in the side and adjust some of the floors. We had a guided tour inside. The submarine was one of four attack subs built by Germany.  Two of the others were destroyed and the other was damaged and the wreckage was salvaged off the shore of Great Britain.  Some of the sailers from the submarine actually moved from Germany to be closer to the submarine and helped give tours on the sub for the museum.   

Some of the bunks in the sub. The museum removed some bunks to create the enterance.


The bridge of the sub. The only original place to enter and leave the sub. 
For dinner we went to a place called Roys. It was mainly a sea food place. The food was good. Not someplace I would probably go again. It was not very busy. It was a good time though, we got to enjoy some wine as well and after dinner drinks.  

We went to Marshalls and TJ Maxx after dinner to try and find some Cubs stuff for my wife. Now my wife had never shopped at either place before and found two shirts from some company that’s expensive. But, they did not have Cubs stuff.  
Roys: https://www.roysrestaurant.com/locations/il/chicago

Science and Technology Museum: http://www.msichicago.org/


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