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Boulevard Brewery

Boulevard Brewery is a Kansas City local craft beer company.  Kansas City takes pride in its bbq, sports and beer.  They offer free tours of the brewery, just get there at least 20 minutes early.  They have a paid tour that cost $20 and is more in depth.  The tours are very good.  They even have a small bar there that serves souly Boulivard Beers on tap.  You get two free samples of their beer.  So chose wisely.  

Boulevard Brewery Site

USPS becoming a bank?!

Bernie Sanders recently stated USPS should offer banking services.  While this may actually be a good idea.  The target audience would be lower income families/people.  Now this would not be the first time a form of nationalized banking would be offered. It has just been a few hundred years since it has been used. 

Alexander Hamilton actually helped establish a national bank while the Unite States was being formed.  Although it was later done away with by President Alexander.  It could still be a good option.  It could be run much like a credit union. 

Republicans and the non politicians 

Recently former President Bill Clinton was on The Late Show with Steven Colbert. President Clinton had a theory about why Donald Trump has been so popular in the polls. Or at least for the time being.  Clip

I think the former President has a point about being a master brander.  Trump is good about saying what the people want to hear or what he thinks they want to hear.  Which is good/bad for the people.  He may very well be good at president. It is tough to say. He does not have a track record to base his politics on. Which, I think is working to his advantage. 

I think the other perk of having somebody like Trump and I will even go as far to mention Sanders is that they are both not career politicians.  In a way it is refreshing to see someone that does not spend their whole life/career in politics.  Granite they both have some catching up to do but that can be done.  It seems that Trump/Sanders are doing well is because they seem to be tired of the same old thing and same old people in office.

The only thing that may derail their campaign is a unplanned answered on issues or not sticking with a previous stance.  

Fort Madison

While my wife and I were traveling to Chicago, Illinois, we traveled by train.  One of the brief stops we made on the way and on the way back was for a place called Fort Madison, Iowa.  The only part of the town we could see was the old fort and some water.  I was interested in finding out more about the fort and the town.

Fort Madison

Fort Madison is the Midwest’s oldest American military garrison on the upper Mississippi River.  This historic installation was home to Captain Horatio Stark’s Company of the First Regiment, United States Infantry, from 1808 to 1813. The fort participated in the war of 1812. (1) (Soldier Bios). They do reenactments with soldiers daily or almost daily.  They also sell baked bread.  
Addiotional Reading:

Soldier Bios


1. Visit Fort Madison. Also includes admission rates.

Clan Mackey Country Hiking

Clan Mackey has posted travel information for site seeing.  Last time I have been to Great Britain was high school and we were mainly in London.  Seeing these pictures of Scotland make me want to go back.One day I will be ale to get back there! 

I think Geneology helps people get in interested in history and travel.  For me I got into history because I was fortunate enough to travel when I was young.  It made me curious about who lived in the places I was visiting and what life was really like.  With traveling it made me curious if my ancestors had been through there (guessing most people back in the 18th and 19th century did not visit the Grand Canyon).


Day 6 Trip to Chicago the Journey Home

Final Thoughts:

At the start of the trip we bought a city pass. The city pass gives you access to a number of museums/attractions in Chicago.  You basically end up saving 51% off ticketed admission. Which if you are in a budget works just great.  You can easily spend through your bank account if you are not carefull. 

CityPass: Link

We took public transit like the buses. It can be confusing as to which train to take and where to get in at. Probably a good idea to have a smart phone or a local. We could ride the train for 4.50 for two people one way. Much cheaper than a cab. There is a mass transit card you can buy for 66 dollars but it is only good for three days. So it may not be worth it unless you will use it.

The Trip Home:

Today we slept in. Had a late breakfast and went to Nordstroms after we checked out. Our train did not leave until three PM.  We walked to the train station which was a little over a mile. 

Part of the grand room where we waited for the train to arrive. 

The ride home was full of entertainment. Unlike the ride up to Chicago. The train staff was trying to get us to put our luggage in a different car than us all together. Hmm. Seemed a little odd. We did not really want to leave our luggage unattended.  

We made it just outside Ft. Madison about ten minutes.   The engineer came on the overhead and said someone jumped out the window of the train.  This guy left his carry on luggage in the train. We pulled into the station and they had to match all the bags on that car to the passangers so that took a little time.  

So as the train chugged on, someone’s bag had been stolen so they had track that down. They made several announcements to try and get it returned.  

We managed to make it Kansas City’s Union Station.  As we were all getting off single file.  There was a steak knife in front of seat. Which normally wouldn’t be to odd but considering we were the last car and the diner car was four cars up.  So like many people our imagination last got away from us about why a big steak knife would be there….

As we got off the train we got an update about the passanger that jumped off.  They did not find him but they did find 3 kilos of cocain in his carry on bag. Weird!