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Day 2 Trip to Chicago

Today was a busy day.  We had breakfast at the Corner Bakery. Which was close to the hotel, just a block or twoso an easy walk.  Much of the menu was eggs or breakfast panini’s.  It does get busy there but it flows really well. After breakfast we jumped, well moved quickly to get in to the train to go to the Shedd Aquarium. 

There a number of ways to get around taxi, walking, bus, train or walking.  We took the bus.  It was only 4.50 for my wife and I to get on the bus.  It took us about 36 minutes to get to the Shedd Aquarium campus.  By campus I am redpfering to the area that includes Shedd, the Field Museum, Soldier Field (Da Bears) and the planetarium.  There a number of things to do in that area.  Great for kids! You will have tired kids!  We managed to fit in the Aqarium and the Field museum in one day.  Which is still a lot of walking for adults.  It may be better to split these two museums into two different days you can squeeze them together but you have to prioritize what you want to see at both.

The Shedd Aquarium is a fun for the whole family.  Now, it is smaller than the Atlanta Aquarium but still has lots to see.  This is fun for kids.  They do have a big round aquarium as you walk in the door.  It has a few small hammer head sharks, stingrays and a massive eel.  They have many small aquariums divided up by parts of the world.  They do have an aquatic show.  The show that we saw talked about how they train the Beluga Whales.  They do have Atlantic Dolphins. As I kid I do remember them doing shows, but they did not perform while we were there.  It may have been because they had a young dolphin that was less than a year old so it could have been why.  

 The main tank as you walk in.  
A jelly fish.  

The show tank with dolphins and whales.  

Sting ray petting.    

More jelly fish.
Since we were in that area, we decided to try and go to the field museum.  Now the field museum is huge! The cashier said we could make it through in 2 hours. Well let me tell you, it took us almost the better part of 4 hours to get through. We managed to see everything, but we had to rush through a bit and skip somethings that we were not as interested in.  Our biggest interest in the museum was Sue the T-Rex and the other dinasour exhibit. They did have a Mammoth exhibit and a Viking exhibit as a traveling exhibit.  Most of the exhibits there are permanent like China, Tibet and Early Americas.

For dinner we ate at an Italian restaurant called Volare. It was recommended by one of the hotel staff. It was located in the Magnificant Mile just a block or two from the Courtyard Marriot.  The food was amazing.  My wife had the seafood risotto.  For the money it was good.  It was loaded with calamari, octopuses, oyster and clams.  I had the lasagna which was home made.  

Places we went:

Corner Bakery: http://www.cornerbakerycafe.com

Shedd Aquarium: http://www.sheddaquarium.org/

The Field Museum: http://www.fieldmuseum.org/

Volare: http://volarerestaurant.com/chicago/

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