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Cigar Festival at Weston, Mo

On 9/26/2015 my wife and Inlaws and I attended a cigar festival in Weston, Mo at the Weston Tobacco Company.  Going to a festival can be fun.  Cigar festivals cater to a niche market. Sadly, this festival was a bit of a busy. Not sure how it is in years past, but it was a little poorly planned.  They had BBQ but only had one tray for maybe a few hundred people.  There was suppose to be free alcohol but it was only the beer, watered down beer. The hard alcohol you had to make a “donation”. They did allow outside alcohol into the event, but I did not bring any.  Even though it was never stated when the tickets were bought.  They did provide free gifts and t shirts.  Part of the tickets were a pack of 5 cigars from vendors that would be there to sell there products.  The idea was that they would mail them to the people that bought tickets.  Unfortunately, mine did not come in the mail tell a week and a half before the event and I was out of town the week leading up to the event.  So I only managed to get 3 of the 5 cigars enjoyed.  They did have music which was actually the high light of the event.  There was a car show, which was nice to have a cigar and a quasi drink and looking at vintage cars.  All said and done it is 50/50 that I would attend another cigar festival. 

The Weston Tobacco store is a nice little store.  They have a nice facility, but the selection is small.  But given the size of the community it may be all the selection they need.  They do make some of their own hand rolled cigars and can be found at some the local wineries and othe local business’.  Which is nice to see local business support each other.  If you are in the area it is worth checking out.

Weston Tobacco: http://www.westontobacco.com/2015/3/24/laoq132p4buwjy49dcosqqnfrxbylg

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