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Day 1 Trip to Chicago

Today was just a travel day.  We arrived at the Union Station in Kansas City, Mo around 6:45 am. Keep in mind I am not a morning person. We finally boarded the train (which was 30 minutes late arriving) at 8:15am.  My wife and I saw someone I knew from college in on the train.  We were surprised because it was a small school maybe 20 minutes south of Kansas University.  So. Small world! The train it self was very roomy.  The seats had leg rests and had more room than a plane. For the most part the train was clean and relaxing.

Our first scheduled stop on the way was in La Plata, MO.  Which was an interesting stop only because I had never heard of it before and it was a very, very small town. Our second stop was on Fort Madison.  There were snubber of other small stops along the way.  We arrived in Chicago, Il around 3:30pm and walked almost (1.8) 2 miles from the Union Station in Chicago to our hotel the Courtyard Marriot, which was located in the miracle mile.

Traveling by train is not what it use to be in the United States.  But… It brings back a sense of nostalgia.  Granit, people do not get dressed up to travel like they use to back in 30’s and 40’s and such.

This is how people use to dress to ride mass transit. http://www.teara.govt.nz/files/p-24986-na.jpg http://cruiselinehistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/84-2+Challenger+lounge.jpg

This is how we travel now…….

    The observation car.

 The observation car.

  My wife in the observation car.
 A boat casino in Fort Madison.
  Fort Madison. The original Fort Madison.

The observation car is a good way to enjoy the view.  Great for kids!

This was pulling into Union Station, Chicago.

 For dinner we went to Mortons.  The original Mortons in Chicago. The food was AMAZING! Expensive! But good.  It is a steak and seafood place.  You can easily spend a few hundred dollars.  So if you are on a small budget you may want to pass on it. Luckily my mother in law provided a gift card for $100. That was spent just ordering the main dish.  The desert was worth it as well.  Some of the deserts you have to order with your dinner.

I would recommend making reservation.  Although it being a Sunday night there was onlyone other table being used. Keep in mind there are three locations in Chicago.  The website for Mortans.  http://www.mortons.com


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