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Aurora, Colorado shooting ruling.

It looks like James Holmes is getting a life sentence for each victim of the Aurora, Co shooting.  He also gets additional time as well. It’s always surprised me when people get multiple life sentences for crimes.  I understand that they have to stand trial for their crimes but… at what what point is giving a punishment for more than lifetime really fit the crime.  They can not divy up each year to each family member of the victim.  The verdict should be death/life/term.  By term I mean for lesser sentences that do not require life or death.  But a life sentence should be cut and dry and to the point.  

Workplace Violance

The recent shooting in Virginia with the young news anchor and the producer/camera man was very sad.  (Viewer descretion advised) YouTube.  It seems the shooter was a descruntel employee of sorts.  From the news station (98.1 Kansas City) stated he had moved from at least 15 different stations in a matter of a few years.  The victims were from the recent station he had been terminated from after the producer/camera man had filed a complaint about the shooter to HR. 

As this is being written further evidence is being released as to what caused him to do this Hyannis act of violence. Good Morning America covered that story and received a call from the gun man.  The Charleston shooting seemed to be A trigger.  There could be underlining issues that had been building over time. 

 The question is what were the underlying issues? How did he get the gun? Legally? Illiegellay? How can people be kept from buying guns if they do not have any signs of previous violence or mental illness? 

Job Shortage in IT field?

GDH consulting made some good discussion points for he supposed shortage for qualified applicants for IT positions.  The main problem seems to be the lack of communication between the HR staff and the hiring manager.  This seems to be a recurring problem for people in many industries, not just IT.  Or is it really just age discrimination?

The solution? 

1.) Maybe having better communication between hiring managers and the HR department. 

2.) Improving HR to seek qualified applicants.

3.) Train staff that is already there.

4.) Train new staff that already have some of the qualifications.

Harry Truman’s Atomic Bomb Decision: After 70 Years We Need to Get Beyond the Myths

Declining Number of History Majors!?

According to NPR the number of history majors are on the decline.  In some schools as much as 30% .  If the information is accurate fewer people teaching and fewer qualified people writing/researching.  Now the current market tends to show an increase interest in engineering and computer science.  Those are many of the jobs tend to be at the moment.  While yes there is a demand for tech jobs but eventually many of those fields will probably be tought in public school.  Which means it will be harder to set your self apart if everyone had the same level of training. 

Not many people can analyze data track trends.  Eventually, with the decline in people majoring in a certain field will create demand.  Much like the nursing field.  Many schools limiting the number of students admitted into nursing programs thus creating hire rates in pay to attract nurses especially ones with experience and qualifications.

If I could do it again, I would still major in history.  People tend to forget all the good things that come with earning a history degree and most people are not willing to put in the work.  The other down side is people seem to want things like jobs and money to come easy.