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Museum: Strawberry Hill Museum

Ghostly World™

Strawberry Hill Museum in Kansas City, MissouriLocation: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – ?
Type: Museum
Status: Open


Built as a mansion and later used as an orphanage, the Strawberry Hill Museum is now haunted by the spirits of the man and woman that originally lived in the house. The woman has appeared on two occasions: once walking down a church aisle (witnessed by two nuns at the alter) and the other time outside one of the museum’s windows when she asked where the priest’s house was.

The man has been seen only once, when a person visiting the museum’s third floor. Inside the closet was a man sitting, waving his hands in front of his face as if saying “Noooo!”.

As she ran down the stairs screaming, the man tapped her shoulder the entire way. She later identified him as a man in an old photograph from the museum.


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“I hunt for objects made by men” – An archaeologist’s day in the field

Letters From The Field

A recapitulation. In which is reported an archaeologist’s daily field routine at the excavation.

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Table Rock Lake 

These are the views from Altenhof Inn the German/Italian restaurant on Indian Point in Branson, Mo.  Great view of the lake any time of the year. Even better in the fall.  You can even see the Branson River Boat trolling around which is fun. But I do believe the river boat stopped running in 2013/2014.