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Atlanta Aquarium

The Atlanta aquarium is the largest in the country. Well worth the visit if you are in town and have a day to kill or have kids that like that kind of thing.  If I remember correctly it is the only aquarium in the world or maybe just the country that has whale sharks and they have three of them in a huge tank. 

You can buy general admission but you can also buy tickets ahead of time which is highly recommended.  When my family and I was there we went on the July 4th only because we were in town for a wedding.  Had we waited inline that day we could have been in line for at least 2 hours if not longer.  Lucky my mom thought ahead and bought tickets so we could bypass the wait.

They do have a cafΓ© to eat from but it is geared to kids so a lot of burgers, hot dogs, pizza and things like that for a nominal fee.  It is convenient so you do not have to leave. But keep in mind it is not a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 dining experience.  Maybe on par with local zoo food.  

This is what it looks like when you first walk into the aquarium.  It is very open and very visual.   The whole building is split up into different parts of the world so you can get a variety.    The main attraction is the walking tunnel. This is where the whale sharks are located.  There are other kinds of sharks in the tank as well as an assortment of sting rays. You can spend quite awhile going through the walking tunnel just to see everything that is swimming around. Luckily this one of those tunnels you have to walk yourself.  I have been through a few where where there is an escalator type convair belt shuddeling people through.  Which that kind of takes away from the experience if you can not enjoy the animals.               One of the three wale sharks. It is amazing to see an aquarium big enough to house such large aquatic life all in one place. Considering whale sharks on the endangered species list it is nice to see some kind of conservation to try and help the species.  It is a rare thing to see them in them in the wild even with their massive size.  Whale sharks are migratory animals and they have known areas where they like yo hang out.  One area in particular is I the Gulf of Mexico close to Honduras.  Even there it is a special occasion when they see one in the wild.  They do feelings at certain times of the day so you can see them eat.  The aquarium staff  feed the sharks and fish at different times of the day.  

Here are some references about whale sharks and how to help them. http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/whale-shark

             They have a sensory area where you can pet small aquatic animals even small sharks and sting rays. This is fun for all ages to get close to  some of these things they would not normally get to. They have different kinds of jelly fish.  Those are always fun to watch swim.  They are not something I would like to be in the water with though.               They even have otters and penguins.

   The aquarium has a big tank for Baluga whales.  This tank is double sided.  They have one part visible to the main aquarium and another that is visible through a banquet room.  It would be neat to have a banquet and see whales swimming around.  At this aquarium the whales do not perform tricks like at other aquariums and water parks.  The whales liked to swim and rub up against the glass.  They even have an otter that swims in the whale tank.  



The aquarium is a good place to visit for family fun.  Another place to visit is the World of Coca Cola.  It’s worth the visit.  You see coca cola advertising since the companies beginning.  At the end of the museum you get a free comemoritive bottle of coca cola.  

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  1. Love the Atlanta Aquarium! Thanks for sharing!


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