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The Dugger family secrets

By now almost everyone has heard of the Dugger family’s big family secret that their eldest son Josh had molested a couple of his younger sisters. If you have but just google the Dugger family and a plethora of recent articles will pop up. To many articles to reference and certainly things are being omitted for various reasons.  

The Dugger daughters that are the victims seem to have been put on the back burned during this ordeal.  While their brother Josh  the aggressor was sent to a camp/retret sponsored by the church to resolve his inner issues.  While yes he does need serious help for what he did, a church sponsored get away was not the way.  These were the same camp/retrets that were used by some of the churches to reform LBGT community.  Really? Who ever thought that would resolve his insestuious problems?

His poor sisters have seem to have had a double dip of abuse. On top of what their brother did they do not appear to have been offered any kind of emitional support to deal with what happened. This will haunt them for the rest of their lives knowing that their own family was allowed to do these hannious actions and only receive a slap on the wrist but to also know that their emotional well being does not matter co ares to Josh’s future and jobs.

Every step of this was handled poorly. From contacting the police friend to sending Josh to summer camp to neglecting the daughters.  The parents should get more than a slap on the wrist by having their show removed by TLC.  The police department that seemed to have “lost” the report needs to be investigated.   

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