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Wabunsee Pines Golf Course

Wabunsee Pines golf course is a community golf course that is next to Lake Wabunsee in Alma County, Kansas. This golf course is mainly kept up by volunteers. From what I understand there is one full time staff that oversees the whole project. It took the community volunteers about ten years to clear, mow and actually bring the whole thing together. Now, this course will not be featured on the PGA or LPGA anytime soon but well worth the time if you are looking to play and have a great view while brushing up on your skills or just wanting to start playing. The whole thing operates in the honor system. Meaning they have a mailbox and a sign in sheet to keep track of who comes in and who borrows a golf cart.


My wife playing golf for the first time. At least golf that dies not include windmills, waterfalls or any other unnatural obstacle that may have a motor.


One of the wholes on the back nine that you can see a portion of the lake and farm land.


Lake Wabunsee before the storm

Lake Wabunsee is just outside Eskridge, Ks.  Eskridge is located in Alma County, Kansas.




Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

Cottonwood Falls is a sleepy town just west of Emporia, Ks. As of the 2010 census there are only 905 people that live in Cottonwood falls it self. For such a small number of people inthe town it just happens to be the county seat for Chase County.

In this day and age it is a sleepy town with not much going on. There are a few mom and pop boutiques and antique shops but many of them are not open but maybe a few days a week. One of the more well known shops is a leather working shop. They can work on old baseball gloves and make things custom. They even sell whole cow hides if you are in the market. In town there are not a lot of places to eat. They have a subway and the local hotel. The hotel is very rustic and the food is good. But do not count on good service unless you are a local.


The court house is original and very nice. For the most part it is mainly city offices any more. People are welcome to go in and look around.



The town even has a beagle run if you have a beagle or a dog that needs to get outside and explore the area. They do have human trails to for the humans to walk/run. There you can see waterfalls and would be fun for children, pictures or if you are in need of a place to cool off.


Photos: Centuries of History Revealed Beneath Roman Ruins

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Photos: Centuries of History Revealed Beneath Roman Ruins

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Generation What?


This article is a good compare and contrast in the baby boomers and Generation Y.  Seems like every generation has different values when it comes to the work place.

Future of Conceal Carry in Kansas

With the resent bill that was passed in Kansas that no longer requires people to take the 8 hour training before being able to obtain a CCL is a mistake. From what I understand it will take effect 7/1/15 and that you can still get an ID to carry if you decide to go in to another state that recognizes and reciprocates with Kansas.  The only major concern I have is that eventually other states will stop reciprocating with Kansas.  With that said CCL class is important for consumer safety. It would be like not needing to take a test to get a drivers license.  On the other end people that teach the class would lose the revenue and income along with waisting the money on any certifications needed to teach the classes.