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Oxygen On Mars?!

Oxygen on Mars is a possibility in the in the near future.  The idea of it makes it exciting to know we could be colonizing another planet in it galaxy possibly in our lifetime. There have been attempts to sign people on a one way trip in the early 2020’s.  The more information that comes out about it makes it easy to get excited about the possibility of it becoming a reality.



Work place bullying

This is a good article about work place bullying.  Worrth the read. Something to think about no matter what your position in a company.  Bullying can happen in work place without being the boss.


Guest Post – Daily Life in Scotland

Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest

Back to Bradbourne

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

snow weekend 069You wouldn’t have thought it was the same day that had thrown all that snow at us, albeit briefly. By the time we had traversed the hills and watched the buzzards wheel overhead the sun was shining and the skies were blue. Bitterly cold, of course, but you can’t have everything.

snow weekend 067I had been to Bradbourne before, a tiny hamlet these days with some wonderful old buildings reflecting a long and more illustrious past. There had been a priory here, once upon a time and the land had been held by Norman nobility. Before that there had been the Saxons.

snow weekend 050It was one of the places I had been castigated for ‘finding’ on my way… this of course, is not allowed. My contention is that as it was never lost, I had never found it. Just happened upon it. Not the same thing at all… Be that as it may…

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