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Red Ferry in a Hazy Day Red Ferry in a Hazy Day

Busy Night in Kowloon Busy Night in Kowloon

Kowloon at Night Kowloon at Night

Souvenir Dolls Souvenir Dolls

Street Sign Street Sign

Typical Street Typical Street

Hazy Day from Victoria Peak Hazy Day from Victoria Peak

Neon Signs at Night Neon Signs at Night

I have never really thought of Hong Kong as a major destination but a place to chill and break the 24-hour flight before a more desirable journey to Europe. It is a place with multiple personalities, as a result of being both Cantonese Chinese and under a contemporary ex-British influence. The mixture of both cultures are evident in most aspects of the city and its people.

My initial acquaintance with Hong Kong was a bit overwhelming. I had to quickly learn how to navigate around the tightly packed and crowded sidewalks with neon signages at every corner that almost looks like a red light district minus the girls selling male gratification.

The city is surprisingly safe and wonderfully well organised. It offers…

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