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Day 7 trip to Montana

Today was a warmer day. My and I walked in a wooded area and saw a lot of tracks and beddings but nothing recent as the day before. There was a small stream we had to cross but luckily it was frozen but lots of downed trees and thorny branches to get through. After a 45 minute wait on Logan we went down another wooded area but did not have any luck on that trail either. At that point my beard and hair was covered in snow and frozen and white. So we stopped for lunch for awhile and tried to think of other places to go where we may have some kind of luck.

After lunch we were sent off on our own and given a direction to go. They were all step inclines. We saw a couple deer but the area was so heavily wooded it was hard to get a clear shot and you had to really pay attention because the wild life blended in with the trees. I saw another deer but it was a doe. Once I got to the top I waited for Logan and the others for about an hour. Logan claims we all ended up in the wrong places and we were suppose to stay on a straight path. My path was suppose to be parallel to the road, kinda hard to take a wrong turn from that.

After all the driving we had been doing and other hunters we talked to and drove by no one else was having any better luck. While driving around we managed to see a small 4 point buck going after two females. So we let my father in law shoot it and it was not even scared we all got out of the truck. We had to fire off a couple shots. That was about 4:15Pm. So we were running out of day light on the last day. So Logan was speeding down the icy roads quick to try and find any moving deer. Sadly, the last day came to a lose with only 2 of the 6 tags being filled. While it was disheartening to go that far and pay that much to have nothing to show for it, it was still an adventure.

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