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Day 6 Trip to Montana


Today it was -16 •F. The owner advised the guides to keep all the hunters in the trucks unless they had a shot. They informed the hunters that at that temperature our lungs could freeze and it we could die and it could be painful to breath if we stayed out to long. And it was painful if outside for more than a few minutes. Of course with the step mountain sides that we walked it was going to make things difficult tell it warmed a bit. We found a few deer and we were going I let my father in law (Jim) take a the shot at the buck since he had wanted a mule deer for years and since he paid for the trip only seemed right. Unfortunately, they must have been ghost deer because we lost them in the wooded area without any tracks or anything. So we had to hustle back to the car to get warm.

Almost two hours later we found more deer. We let Jim take the first shot and he hit him. He took another shot and hit him again. So we had to scale the side of the mountain at like 70 degree angle (not sure of the exact angle but it almost felt like 90). We followed the blood trail of here he should have been but could not find him. We had to slide down the back side of the mountain through the the thick timber and snow. There was not an option of walking down we had to slide on butts. We tracked the blood all the way to the road with no luck. We walked back to the truck and stared glassing (looking through the binoculars) to try and find the deer. We spent most of the morning and early afternoon trying to spot it. But with no luck.

During lunch Logan realized he had not brought water. He had a juice container that had frozen water in it but he had to put it next to the water to try and melt it. Of course he about melted the plastic to try and melt water. But we tried to give him some of our water but he was being stubborn. Of course his fire was more smoke than fire.

After much avail we decided to move on from trying to find that deer. We went on a short walk through the timber. We saw lots of tracks and some bedding a but nothing was moving. We talked to a number of other hunters and they had not seen anything either. So we spent the rest of the day driving with no luck.

We did see a few elk but they were females at the end of they day around 4:00PM. When we were heading to the road we saw a few deer but we could not get a clear shot at them.


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