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Science of Love?


A recent study discussed on the TODAY show 12/1/14 was about age difference and longevity of a relationship. Considering in this day in age where there is a 50% divorce rate this study claimed to show that age difference may play a big part in that whether the people in the relationship are aware if it. Having an age difference larger than the previous social norm of 3-4 years has been changing the last few years or decade.

Some people that I have talked to about why they prefer or are attracted to older people varies. Some say it’s because of maturity level and others say it’s because men do not live as long as women so they marry older men. There are the rare occasion where it is for money. There are also the other end if the spectrum where they have unresolved issues with mom/dad so they are attracted to older people that remind them of their parent to attempt to repair a less than maybe perfect relationship with a parent.

The study stated a couple with a 1 year age difference had 1% change of splitting up. A couple with 5 years age difference had a 18% change of splitting. A 10 year year age difference had a 38% change of splitting. The study did not specify and specific reason or combination of issues other than age. Whatever the reason or wanting/falling for/looking for a person that is older and wiser does it really mean that it will make a healthy relationship? No!


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