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Day 4 Trip to Montana

When we woke up in the morning we heard from one of the other campers that there were bear tracks outside our door in the fresh snow. The weather was in the low teens so it was pretty cold. As we were eating breakfast in the main building our guide Logan walked in out of breath. He said there were fresh bear and wolf tracks on the drive way and that was the good news. The bad news was a tree had fallen on drive way two miles back and he had to run there to get a chain saw. In the morning we drove around the mountain side looking for tracks in the snow. We only had a few inches of snow so we wanted to focus our efforts on tracking so we wouldn’t have to walk another 5 miles like we did the day before with all of our heavy clothes. In the mountains were we were hunting we had almost 8.

In the afternoon my wife was able to get a good size 8 point mule deer or 4×4 or 4 point for the people that live in Montana. She had to walk a mile back to get to a different trail to get close enough to shoot. After she and Logan got to the other trail they had to walk another mile or mile and half with a step incline. We had to pick up another hunter to come with us since his guide was having car trouble and his name was Ryan. So Ryan and I watched them hike up the trail from the ridge we were at and watched the snow come in over the mountains. Eventually after we heard the gun shots, my wife and guide went behind some trees and we lost site of them for about an hour. After an hour my wife climbed out of the timber that was on side of the slope. She started walking down the walking path but we couldn’t see Logan. Ryan and I packed our gear and walked to the trail head to meet up with my wife. She told us Logan was back with the deer caping it out and cleaning it. Ryan went to help Logan bring it up to the trail since it was hard to get through the timber. Thirty minutes later, after it started snowing pretty hard, Logan and Ryan came down the trail with the deer in two halves pulling it by small pieces of rope. Granite they were already pretty tired pulling it out of the timber. So we began the last mile walk to the truck in the snow. Our tracks from walking into the trail head had almost been covered up already by the new snow. From the time my wife had got her deer and we walked to the truck with it it was about 4 hours.

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