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Day 3 Trip to Montanta

The first day was the best weather we had the whole trip. Today we hiked up one slop on one of the mountains. It was only one mile up but when you have three layers of pants, two shirts and heavy rubber boots with back packs you get a work out especially since it was raining. At that location we did not see anything but we had a great vantage point where we could see for miles. We went to a different location that had a pretty good incline of course it was a struggle with our gear but we managed to find a deer but we were going to have to go back for it the next day if it was still there since we were running out of day light. So by the time we hiked back to the truck with our guide we were exhausted. Logan (our guide) was running circles around us because this was just a warm up for him and he was only 20 years old and does this on a regular bases. Of course we were at a higher elevation with like 3 layers of pants and heavy rubber boots. We had not completely acclimated to the altitude yet either so that didn’t help with the adjustment.

View from one of the walking paths on a mountain classing for mule deer and bull elk. In a few of the pictures you can see snow clouds moving in over the mountains in the background.







Part of the path that forked one spot to go glassing and another to hike. Both were a step hike.






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