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Day 2 Trip to Montana

Today we finished driving in to camp tonight. During the last part of the drive we crossed the continental divide. We are staying at the Silver Bow Outfitters which is about 30 miles south of Libby, Montana. It is in the northwest corner of the state. We were maybe 100 miles from the Canadian border. They were a little disorganized when we got there. A few people showed up that were not scheduled to be there and a few people were not suppose to be there tell next week. The camp does not have electricity but lights all the rooms with propane lights and heaters. The trapper cabin has a wood stove to heat the cabin. For 15 people there is one bathroom and one shower so who ever is the last to shower might as well shower in the stream because it might be warmer. In order to ensure people’s safety you should not walk around at night since or at least without a gun since they have Mountain Lions, Wolfs, Bears.

A view of a mountain outside from our camp.


Horse and Mule stable.


3.5 mile drive way or at least a segment of it.


Outside the “apartments” that could hold about 10 people.


Main house where the owner and his sons and hired hands lived. This is where we are all our meals.


Another view if a mountain with the stables.


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