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Anymore it seems like everyone wants to complain about this politician or that politician. Some politicians drive a state into the ground and still get re elected. It must be easier to complain on a thread on Facebook or on an article somewhere on the World Wide Web than to go to a voting both to cast a vote. Sometimes there is not always a candidate I feel that will be much better than the one already in office.

Tomas Jefferson always said to have a revolution every 25 years. That is a good idea in theory but it means a new constitution and the whole nine yards possibly three times in everyone’s lifetime. That could possibly make the country unstable politically and everything that comes with it.

At the end if the day just vote don’t just complain and point fingers and hope someone else will vote.

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  1. asmukti says:

    We have a compulsory system in Australia which, for a democratic country, is strange. I’ve figured over the years though that at least the result is democratic in the sense that it’s representative of all. It also means that people continue to vote even if they are disillusioned by the system. What are your thoughts on compulsory voting?


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