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10 Insane Facts About Psychopaths

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Facts About Psychopaths!

The word “psychopath” usually evokes images of movie villains like the Joker, John Doe, and Anton Chigurh. Of course, Hollywood isn’t always accurate in its portrayal of psychos, but there’s one fact it always gets right—psychopaths are scary. They lack empathy, which means they don’t feel guilt, and they’re extremely impulsive. While they generally aren’t as smart as Hannibal Lecter, they are quite cunning, manipulative, and charming. They only comprise 1 percent of the general population, but they continue to fascinate, horrify, and inspire research, leading scientists to discover a slew of crazy new facts. For example:


10. Psychopaths Can’t Recognize Fear

Most of us understand the signs of fear in a frightened person’s face—the eyes widen, the eyebrows shoot up, and the mouth opens to gasp or scream. An ordinary person would see such a face and think “This person is afraid,” but…

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