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Louisberg Cider Mill


Louisberg Cider Mill is a mill where they specialize in apple cider, apple doughnuts and a pumpkin patch. You can watch them clean and press the apples to make the cider and fry the doughnuts through a few windows. Another perk is that they have pumpkins for sale at the general store or you can go pick them from the actual pumpkin patch. Every year they have a corn field maze that changes design every year.

Louisberg Cider Mill has been making delicious apple cider this way since 1977 and has earned a spot on the Kansas Historical Society’s website (1).

It is a fun family activity for the family. Plenty of activities for the kids.

(1) http://www.louisburgcidermill.com/
(2) all pictures taken by me on my cell phone

My wife before she got lost in the maze. Let me know if you find in there! Could not see much through the maze because the corn was so thick and tall.

IMG_0700-0.JPG (2)

My wife leading us before I went a different route.

IMG_0701-0.JPG (2)

My view of the exit but no wife in site!

IMG_0702-0.JPG (2)

A view going in to the maze where the kid area and pumpkin patch are located.



IMG_0697-0.JPG (2)

A view of the old fashion store and doughnut case of apple cider doughnuts. Worth the trip alone! They even sell their own cider cold or warm.

IMG_0703.JPG (2)



  1. asmukti says:

    Apple donuts sound delicious. Was thinking too that at least your wife will have plenty of corn to eat!


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