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Socrates vs. Sophists



Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher from 470/469 BC – 399 BC. Much of his beliefs are extracted from off of the writings of Plato, as none of his writings, if there was any, are known. Through Plato, (a student of Socrates), Socrates was renowned for his contribution to the field of ethics. The Sophists on the other hand, were a specific kind of teacher that started during the beginning of Ancient Greece, and lasted through the Roman Empire. When Socrates started to teach what he believed to be true (which was contrary to that of the Sophists), there began to be contentions between Socrates followers, and the followers of the Sophist teachers. Through these contentions questions arose, and problems escalated. However Socrates was able to seal what he believed to be true with his life, when he was executed. There were many things that separated Socrates beliefs form that…

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