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Riverwood Winery


Riverwood Winery in Weston, Mo is a winery just outside of town with lots if charm. The building itself is in an old school that was shut down. The surrounding area is farm land and woods. During the growing season you can see the corn or soy beans surround the building and the building comes out of no where if they plant corn. It’s makes for a great picnic spot to sit in the back and be surrounded by corn.




In the back if the building they have a play ground for kids and picnic area and is very pupils with family’s. The old theatre serves as a seating area.


The cafeteria is the wine tasting room and a little wine accessory shop. They also serve food, beer and even cigars from the the local Weston Cigar Company. The wine is very good and worth the trip. A popular choice is the wine slushy which is only served by the glass.

On Sundays they often have international wine tastings. Each time they focus on a certain country or region. So if your new to wine and want to try different things and try local wines as well. Once in a blue moon they have Scotch tastings as well for a few hours and you can try different kinds for $35.00. That is also worth trying if you are curious but do not want to spend a fortune on something you may or may not like.

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