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Grand Canyon

A few years ago my wife and I took a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. My wife had never been to the Grand Canyon so we figured it was time to get her there to revel in the vastness. We stayed at the Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim. We stayed in a small “cabin”. It was one of those cabin on the outside, hotel on the inside kind of deals. The room was very nice and only a 40 yard walk from the edge of the South Rim itself so we could walk to quickly. The rooms do not have air conditioning or heat but the windows you can open to help regulate the temperature that way. If you are a Rachel Ray fan we were in the same area that she stayed in on one of her many shows that hosts. There a few shops and a couple little museums there to enjoy most with local crafts. Of course most people go there for the Grand Canyon it self. There are a few hotels there with some restaurants in them and the food is very good. Its a good place to hike and go sight seeing obviously.













  1. asmukti says:

    Beautiful pics. Would love to go one day. What’s the tower?


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