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Ireland Trip: 4–Cork and Memory, part 1


Duck? Starfish? But...23

We don’t always realize the extent to which time alters our memories. That which seems so vividly remembered may or may not be an accurate reflection of fact. We all have a wonderful capacity for distilling meaning from the events that shape our lives. Sometimes, upon reflection, it almost seems as if things happened for a reason, perhaps in fulfillment of some grand design.

Then, from time to time, you get the chance to revisit the facts themselves. A dusty old photograph, long since forgotten may just emerge as if by magic from a pile of junk you were about to throw out. You look closely. Was I really that awkward? An old video maybe, shot by the parent of a friend on old 8 mm film, the colours faded, the quality blurred and scratched but still, enough details.  The garden was pretty small…funny I recall it as…

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