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9/11: My story.


Not to take away from first responders, military and volunteers that helped on 9/11 in New York, DC and everywhere else. But this is my story of the events that perspired on that day. My perspective is not of New York but thousands of miles away in Baldwin City, Kansas.

On that morning I woke up to get ready for class about 8:00 am. I turned on my tv to CNN to have some background noise while I was getting ready. Then I turned on the shower because it took awhile to warm up since the water heater did not work very well. I went back into my room and saw the World Trade Center tower 1 with smoke coming out of windows. I had just missed the part of the report where it said that the plain had hit the tower, my original thoughts were maybe just an office fire or maybe a bomb went off. So I went about my morning like it was just a minor thing…

It wasn’t tell I got to my morning class I started hearing people talking about in class. At that point I realized this was a much bigger deal then I had originally thought from what little tid bits of information I was actually catching from the background noise on the tv. Almost everyone in the class was getting worked up from just pure speculation and not having access to a news source for updates. People were trying to fill in the details of what they knew.

As the day went on people were talking and speculating as to who it was and what the Untied States was going to do. One of my class mates was in tears by lunch, not because of the innocent people that were hurt or killed but because she was worried that Baldwin City would be the next target on list by the attackers. After hours of people trying to convince her that we would not be a target in a town with less than 1,000 people on campus. The students I talked to all agree of all the safest places we could be small town U.S.A was probably the safest place to be until we knew more about what was going on.

By the end of the day as information was coming out some professors were canceling classes. Everyone was a a little nervous for the next few days like most of the country because most people were attached to the media. Most people were in shock because we could not believe something like that would happen here on American soil. It was something you always hear about on the news in far away places but none of us thought it would ever come to our door steps and change our lives forever. How little we really knew about how our lives would change. We were all worried about going to war but we couldn’t imagine with who if it was not against another country as we all learned since we were children that wars were against another physical place and not a radicalized ideology that old be anywhere. Especially since the United States track record on the war on drugs was less then ideal.


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