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Louis Abbot of Saint-Denis


For the past few months I have been trying to find the connection between Louis Abbot of Saint Denis and Mormaer Donachadh. There are many documents showing that they are not related but there also a number of records showing that they are. The mystery is Louis is from France while Mormaer was born and raised in Scotland. So trying to find the connection of when Louis went to Scotland or when Mormaer’s mother went to France to see Louis has proven difficult. I have found other family tree’s that made the connection but did not have documentation to back it up so it is hard to trust a complete strangers information without knowing where they get the information.

Any information anyone has on either of these gentlemen would be greatly appreciated. For the most part I am interested in finding out if the connection if there was one at at all.

Short bio on Mormaer Donachadh: Only information I have on him is that he became the “first” king of Scotland. I am sure he was king of Scotland. Whether or not he was the first king of Scotland is up for debate.

Short bio on Louis Abbot of Saint – Denis:
Louis (circa 800 – 867) was the illegitimate son of Rotrude, daughter of Charlemagne, and Rorgon I of Maine.

He was elevated, with Lupus Servatus, to the Abbey of Saint-Pierre of Ferrières in the Gâtinais. He became an abbot in 838 and Abbot of Saint-Denis in 840 or 841.

He was the archchancellor first of his uncle Louis the Pious and then of his cousin Charles the Bald. In 844, Charles made him abbot of three foundations: Saint-Denis, Saint-Riquier, and Saint-Wandrille.

In 858, he and his half-brother Joscelin were captured by Vikings and only liberated with the payment of a large ransom.

Wikipedia Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_%28Abbot_of_Saint-Denis%29


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