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The New Gun Violence Laws

Video Games and Youth Violence

Chapter TK

I’ve recently participated in a discussion about video games and their effect on youth violence. I loathe the idea that video games cause violence. That’s like saying children who read books are more likely to be promiscuous. Out of the many books that are out there, how many are Harlequin-esque romances? Just by being interested in books, a child may stumble upon one of these books and read them. We should all stop reading! Protect children from the vulgarity of books!

That’s nuts, right? There are a ton of video games out there. In 2007, only 6% of all games released were rated M for mature. The vast majority, 59%, were rated E for everyone. This has been the typical trend. How ridiculous is it to then blame the totality of video games for the violent content of 6% of games?

I can already hear your arguments. Many popular game…

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Beecher Bible and Rifle Church

Beecher Bible Church

Beecher Bible and Rifle church just outside Wamego, Ks. If you cant make it for Sunday services you need to call ahead to look at the artifacts from what I understand. This is one of a number of historical stops in the area worth the stop. Usually, Kansas is one of the areas of the civil war that gets little discussion in history classes, it is still full of historical value and historical sites.

From the Wamego, Ks website: http://www.visitwamego.com/Things-To-Do/History/Beecher-Bible-and-Rifle-Church/default.aspx

When the Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed in May 1854, it allowed Kansans to have a say about whether theirs would be a free or a slave state.

Many from outside the state came to Kansas to influence that decision. One group, known as the Connecticut-Kansas Colony, arrived with Sharps rifles and 25 Bibles provided by the congregation of Henry Ward Beecher, the well-known minister from Brooklyn, New York.

The colonists joined with earlier settlers and founded a church in Wabaunsee, now called the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church.

It not only still stands, but it also still holds Sunday services.

Pett Level, England


The house in the upper right is the house that one of my distant aunts lives in. Pett Level, England.