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Volunteering and Unemployment

Volunteering is a good way to fill in free time or even down time between jobs. It also helps developed contacts for applications which can be beneficial when your unemployed. This also helps give a good filler for applications when you need some kind of work experience.

Sunday Snapshot: Old Castle Museum at Baker University

Sunday Snapshot: Old Castle Museum at Baker University.

Living Relatives

Recently one of my Aunts on my dads side of the family sent me some information about some relatives.  In the package was a couple pictures and a journal that my great grandfather wrote.  One of the pictures was of some living relatives that still lived in England along the English Channel.  Now the relatives are in their late 80’s so it may be difficult to establish contact but they did have kids so I am in the process of tracking them down.  It would be fun to be able to establish a relationship with a living relative no matter how distant and how far away they live.  The odds of being able to actually meet them in person are probably slim but I am hoping that with all the technology like skype and email can help fill the gaps. 

Self-Publishing: Quantity Trumping Quality?

Self-Publishing: Quantity Trumping Quality?.