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We The People……


We The People……

Three words that inspired the birth of a nation. Three words that are the most forgotten by a nation. We The People the movie directed by Aimee Larrabee; shows how three simple words formed a nation and how a nation has drifted from the original ideals that helped found a nation.

Basic civil rights are still something everyone desires. The movie was a good reminder of how slow things have changed over the past few centuries. Our founding fathers knew that every man, woman and child regardless of race, creed and religion played a part in the founding of the nation. A new nation free of persicution from a “ruling” class. These founding fathers understood that the system would have its flaws and made in such a way that it could be changed over time to help with the changing times.

The U.S. Constituition begins We The People…… not we the rich, the male, the wealthy etc.. Somewhere in our nations history we have lost our way. We have forgotten that the people have the voting power and should be a becon for change. The nation needs to remember that there are still groups and sub groups of Americans that are being denied their civil liberties simply because they are different than the main stream and that is why many of our founding fathers came to the new world to begin a new so everyones voice could be heard.

We The People………


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