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Altenhof Inn

Altenhof Inn is a small restaurant located in Indian Point just out side Branson, Mo. It is a small German restaurant and they also serve pizza and sandwiches. Many of the foods are made from scratch and are very good. It has a great deck area that over looks Table Rock Lake. Gertrude, the matriarch, can be found there almost every night they are open and will talk to her guests with her thick German accent. It is a quiet area and makes for a good place to go to get a away from the hustle and bustle of Silver Dollar City and Branson.

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The Ozark’s in Branson, Mo

The Ozark’s in Branson, Missouri is like taking a step back in time. Much of the area is very conservative and steeped in tradition. Which makes since since its in the bible belt of America. The area is very scenic and is home to two lakes which provides a nice scenic drive through the hills of the Ozarks. It is easy to find places to stay in town on he strip or in Indian Point which is a short drive out side of Branson it self. There are a few major attractions in the area for entertainment; shows, Silver Dollar City, Shepherd of the Hills and caves.

Silver Dollar City is probably the biggest attraction in this area. The theme park was founded by a religious family and provides wholesome family attraction and a family friendly atmosphere and entertainment. They have multiple festivals through out the year. Many of the festivals high light many qualities of the area like blue grass, crafts, international and the Christmas festivals. Silver Dollar City does have different shows through out the park and many of them are twenty minutes to an hour long. Having different shows through out the year provides new entertainment every month or two and is a good way to see a variety of things without breaking the bank for tickets. They offer a few rides and a water park. Everyone there is very friendly and is approachable when you have questions. The park itself is a good reminder of how life was like during the late 19th century. Granite it is romanticized but still kind of a fun way to experience life back during the 19th century and shows off American craftsmanship.

Silver Dollar City has their own cave named Marvel cave and offers cave tours during business tours and lantern tours close to park closing hours. There are a few other caves in the area but most are in the Springfield area. They are good for a short day trip if you need or want to get out of Branson for awhile. One is the Smallin cave and they offer small civil war camp fire stories and extreme tours that explore other parts of the cave off limits to every day tourists. The other cave in Springfield is Fantastic Caverns. This tour you are taken around in a jeep tour of the cave.

Not to far from Silver Dollar City there is another attraction called Shepherd of the Hills. Many of the buildings are reproduction log cabins. They have a show there about how the area was settled. This attraction also features a zip line from the look out tower. During the winter the feature a trail of lights which is a 2.5 mile drive with moving scenes and lighted scenes.

Many of the shows in Branson are musical and located on the strip. Some are even comedy or magic but they are not as common. With all the different theaters that have filled the area known as the Landing there seems to be a series of chain restaurant to go with each theater. Most of the shows can be crowded if the are popular or new. There are a few outlet malls mixed in with the theaters and restaurants and can be a good way to find a good deal. Many of the stores do not sell crafts but are more chain stores.

Branson, Mo is nice place to visit if you are looking for family entertainment. There is plenty of variety to keep your family busy. Much of the community is conservative and traditional so you will not see a lot of bars and the like. This is a nice area to spend a long weekend to get away from the big city. It does have its moments of feeling like a busy city during peek times of the year but if you stay just outside of town you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature but be a five minute drive from any major attraction.

We The People……

We The People……

Three words that inspired the birth of a nation. Three words that are the most forgotten by a nation. We The People the movie directed by Aimee Larrabee; shows how three simple words formed a nation and how a nation has drifted from the original ideals that helped found a nation.

Basic civil rights are still something everyone desires. The movie was a good reminder of how slow things have changed over the past few centuries. Our founding fathers knew that every man, woman and child regardless of race, creed and religion played a part in the founding of the nation. A new nation free of persicution from a “ruling” class. These founding fathers understood that the system would have its flaws and made in such a way that it could be changed over time to help with the changing times.

The U.S. Constituition begins We The People…… not we the rich, the male, the wealthy etc.. Somewhere in our nations history we have lost our way. We have forgotten that the people have the voting power and should be a becon for change. The nation needs to remember that there are still groups and sub groups of Americans that are being denied their civil liberties simply because they are different than the main stream and that is why many of our founding fathers came to the new world to begin a new so everyones voice could be heard.

We The People………