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Double Takes

Recently, I have been researching an ancestor of mine named Malcolm Mac Eth the 3rd. The information I was seeing on from the did not make sense. The main thing that surprised me was that his father was not named Malcolm but Duncan. That made me wonder how Malcolm could be a third if his father was not the second. So I started looking at Duncan to see if he was a step father or something. I found a few sources that stated that stated he was the King of Scotland. Which through me for a loop. Many of the sources that I found named him as King Duncan. Which, for research purposes did not make things easy. Because even kings have last names. I found his surname and his Gallic name. His surname was Mac Crinain. That led me to research his surname to double check that he was actually related to me. Of course the change in spelling was just from the natural progression and variation. But things became more interesting….

Some of my sources mentioned someone named Macbeth. I figured certainly that was no relation to the same Macbeth that was written by William Shakespeare. Of course my great ancestor Duncan Mac Crinain and the real life Macbeth feud inspired the play by the name of Macbeth by Shakespeare of course probably with a few creative liberties of course. This surprised me quite a bit so I did more research to confirm what I found. All the sources seemed to match up, to my surprise. This was the start of good break in information in finding more of my family history.

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