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Small Town U.S.A


Many small towns in America are struggling to survive with people moving away and the town not always having enough things to attract visitors, business or keep its residents. Small towns like Alma, Paxico, Wamigo and Council Grove in Kansas are trying to make a resurgence to attract people. Some of these communities have become antique, wine or historic communities.

Paxico, Ks had a number of articles articles written about in the Topeka Capital Journal about how it had a resurgence in the number of out of town interest because many of the stores had become antique stores. Many of them are small stores and sell specific items like boutiques and the like. A town like this actually started to decline again with some shops closing; there are other new business’ opening up like a winery called Prairie Fire and another winery called Wydle Wood. So the town could be on the verge of yet another rebirth.

Then there are places like Alma, Ks. It is close to Paxico, Ks but dose not have as many shops other then normal business’s like insurance companies and restaurants. Alma does have a creamery and bakery which are both very good and worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood. There is a factory there in town for a food distributer, but it is not really a tourist spot. The town is sleepy and has a lot of nice small houses built from stone.

Wamego, Ks had the right idea about trying to keep itself steeped in American pop culture. The town itself, is the home town of The Wizard Of Oz Museum. It is also becoming an art community in a sense with an art gallery and a winery called The Oz Winery. The wine there is good and has won a number of awards and accolades but is a little pricy side. There is also a restaurant called Totos Tacos. It is a Mexican restaurant with a beach them but worth the visit for lunch or a quick beverage. So the town has branded it self has the town of OZ.

Council Grove has embraced it’s historical roots. One of the big attractions is the historic trail through Council Grove. There a number of stops along the way; mainly during the spring through fall months but a few are open year round. It is worth the drive if you are looking for a day trip in the area. The Tall Grass Nature Preserve is a nice way to see the prairie the way it use to be before westward expansion began. You can see bison and get a get a feel for what the pioneers saw.

Many small towns in Kansas are trying to keep themselves revel lent in today’s fast paced society. Some have worked better then others; while others have seen better days. Who knows for sure if some these towns will become ghost towns or just another place people read about in history books as a historical site. Much of that area is nestled in the flint hills of Kansas which makes for a scenic drive. Many homes use the native flint rocks as decoration like many modern homes use bricks.


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