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Graduate Level Degrees and The Job Market


I hear a lot from people that since I two masters I should be making at least $50,000 a year minumum. Naturally, I agree with them. But, what many people seem to forget is the type of degree you have. Not everyone majors in business, IT, Engineering etc… Thats where it gets tricky. Everyone would like to have a strong income.

You have to take in to consideration what the persons field of study is and what the job market for that field. For instance my masters are in History and Social Science. I could teach in college and maybe some high schools but that route is very limited. Especially since many colleges are starting to use adjunct professors not exactly screaming job security any more. With my social science masters I could do law enforcement, some kind of government work and non – profit companies. Those industries can be difficult to get into because of budgetary reasons.

Now my current job is rewarding to a point, there is not a lot of room for advancment. I would not be able to stay if I was looking to start a family or support a family unless it was just a side job. It is very stressfull. I do appreciate being given the chance to work there and get some work experience especially in my field. But I am hoping to use it as a spring board to something better.

Now that I feel like I am finally getting some job interviews that are well paying and slightly in my field it makes you think about your future. At the moment I am trying to get an independent researching job going as a side job and hopefully turn it into a full time job. I am trying to update my skills by learning to make web pages as well. It is a big change from my field but I need to keep my skills updated.


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