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First Day In Nicaragua

We are in san juan del turro, Nicaragua for a destination wedding for one of my wife’s cousin. Now it is a developing third world country so not expecting a lot frills and super elaborate buildings or towns. My wife tells me that there have been a few muggings in town so it’s probably better to travel in groups.

After a long day of travel we made it to our hotel. The hotel is pelican eyes resort. Two planes equaling 5 hours of fly time and a 2 hour bus ride we made it. Once we got to the hotel our group kind of split up to explore. Some of the group went to the local store to buy some breakfast and snack food and the rest of the group went to the pool to have a few drinks and cool off. Some of the party had to go off and do wedding stuff. Once the sun went down the whole family congregated by the pool to eat dinner and have a good time. All of the staff have been very friendly and accommodating. They have three pools. One in the lobby inside the main restaurant which is open air and has a full service bar. Another pool is a “family” pool and a lap pool which has a bar but is closed for season. They have fancy tile with logos and ad infinity pools. Each one has an amazing view of the bay area with the cliffs.

I will try and add pictures when I get state side since I don’t have my laptop with me. Hopefully on the next entry I will go into more detail.

Kansas History

Kansas may not be perfect, but, there are a many historical places, towns and other events. Some of these places are slowly being forgotten. It is my hope that I can bring some of those things to the forefront so they will no be forgotten. Hopefully, I will be able to provide some photos as well.

White House Hotel

The White House Hotel located in Hermann, Missouri is a historic hotel that I think has gotten lost in the mix. Hermann, Missouri itself is part of eastern Missouri’s wine country. It is definitely a tourist town but still manages to keep its old world charm. Small towns like this that try and preserve their history, heritage and culture is a nice way to remind people of a different time maybe even a better time.

The hotel itself was started in 1864 and completed in 1868. It just happened to be one of the most happening places during its hay day. (White House Hotel Website). In 1886 the hotel did burn down partially. The fire mainly affected the upper levels. The town rallied behind the hotel and helped restore it to the way it was with minor modifications. (White House Tour). It is rare in these days to have a whole community, town, city, state or country stand behind something like a hotel. There were a few celebrities like Tye Cobb and various other professional athletes that stayed there since the hotel it self was very expensive at the time to stay in (Tour and White House Hotel). It is rare to have an upscale place get so much support from the community at the time of the fire.

One of the stories from the hotel tour was about the bar tender and his daughter who both worked at the hotel. The bar tenders wife had passed away and the father for whatever reason could not take care of the daughter on his own. The owner of the hotel, was allowed to work at the bar/tavern in the hotel and the daughter was able to live and work in the hotel. All the while the daughter was to never learn that the bar tender was her actual father. This allowed the bar tender to watch his daughter grow up.

Places like this need to be preserved along with their stories. The hotel is a landmark, but, they do not receive funding or grants from the government. So every dollar they earn from the tours goes into the restoration. All of the actors that participate in the tours are volunteers as well as many of the people that help with the actual restoration. They try and make the rooms as historically accurate as they possibly can. It is towns like this that ban together that give people a since of nostalgia. If you are in the area and looking for a good place to visit go to the White House Hotel in Hermann, Mo.