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Day 7

Today we went on a 7 hour around the outskirts of town. And no, we were not shooting a remake of Gillian’s Island, we did made it back. We did have a new tour guide. He was very good and very knowledgeable.

For starters we went to the Coyotepe fort. Which has an interesting history. There is probably enough good information about it to write a book but, I will give you the gist of it. It was mostly a military fort that was involved in the local civil war and held P.O.W.s. The Fortress was built in 1893 by President Zelaya and was used to observe enemies invading Nicaragua. At any given time it could hold up to 2,000 prisoners; but not comfortably. Most of the time they were looking for spies. Once a person was identified as a spy they were tortured. But I will spare the details but it sounded painful. Once the fort was shut down it was deemed a historic site but people were still tortured there. Our guide told us that this fort did apear in an episode of ghost hunters international and they found a lot of stuff. He said it could be found on YouTube; so I for me will be checking out that episode when I get a chance.

Then we went to a masayan volcano. We has a cave you can tour, but it was closed from flooding. There was a lot of gas in side of the volcano so it was like a white mist. We could not see the bottom but it was still worth checking out. There was another area of the volcano that many tourist do not get to see because of the high sulfur content. In this area it was about a 2-3 minute hike up a trail but we were only allowed to stay there for about a minute because of the sulfur so everyone had to have their cameras ready before they got there.

We made our way to crater lake and started at the top to get a nice view of the lake from a birds eye view. This lake is still part of the volcano but just in a different part of the park. There was some kind of celebration going on at the visiter center. Eventually we made our way down to the water and went swimming. It was a great place to go swimming. You could see the mountains and trees all around you and the clouds made it very peaceful. It did start raining but we had a full day of excursion.

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