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Day 5 and Day 6

I was a little busy on day 6 and not a lot to blog about on day 5 so I just combined them.

Day 5: Since it was our last day at Pelican Eyes Resort and since everyone was still tired from the wedding it was our rest day. My wife and I both got massages before lunch. Some of the people that were in the wedding went to the beach that is part of the professional surfing circuit. Some family had to leave to go home to the states. For the most part everyone else went to the pool to enjoy some last minute sun and ocean view from the pool.

Day 6: Almost everyone was woken up a number of times throughout the night because the celebration downtown was shooting off mortar fireworks as part of the celebration. We think the celebration is the 101st founders day. So the town was out celebrating. Everyone in our group had to be packed and ready to go in the lobby at 5:30 in the morning. We had to catch a ferry to go to Ometepe Island which has 2 volcanoes (Concepción, Maderas) making up much of the land mass of the island.

The group had a private tour guide take us to their archeology museum, El Ceibo, which, had a lot of artifacts in it about the island and some from the surrounding area. Our guide said that one of the volcanoes was due to erupt any day, week or month since it has a eruption cycle of 50 years and the last eruption was 1957. Yikes!!!

Then we went up a side of one of the mountains to see a coffee plantation. Now I think most of us thought it hold have a barn, house, any building…. So after a 2.5 mile hike up a side of a mountain we see the crops mixed in with much of the vegetation. Which was still ver cool, interesting and educational. But no farm buildings or equipment. So then we trek down the mountain enjoying the scenery and wildlife.

For the last part of our outdoor journey we made our way to a restaurant and had lunch and went to a hot spring. Now at this point we had about 30 minutes to swim in the hot springs if we wanted. Only the bride and groom actually did get in. While everyone else was drinking coconut water through a straw and taking pictures.

Then we had to get back on the bus to make the 4:00 pm ferry, which left half an hour late on our way to Grenada. Many of us fell asleep on the bus from being up early and all the excitement. After checking in at the hotel we got to a late dinner. Next entry I will go int more detail about the hotel since it was kinda late when we got in.

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