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First Day In Nicaragua


We are in san juan del turro, Nicaragua for a destination wedding for one of my wife’s cousin. Now it is a developing third world country so not expecting a lot frills and super elaborate buildings or towns. My wife tells me that there have been a few muggings in town so it’s probably better to travel in groups.

After a long day of travel we made it to our hotel. The hotel is pelican eyes resort. Two planes equaling 5 hours of fly time and a 2 hour bus ride we made it. Once we got to the hotel our group kind of split up to explore. Some of the group went to the local store to buy some breakfast and snack food and the rest of the group went to the pool to have a few drinks and cool off. Some of the party had to go off and do wedding stuff. Once the sun went down the whole family congregated by the pool to eat dinner and have a good time. All of the staff have been very friendly and accommodating. They have three pools. One in the lobby inside the main restaurant which is open air and has a full service bar. Another pool is a “family” pool and a lap pool which has a bar but is closed for season. They have fancy tile with logos and ad infinity pools. Each one has an amazing view of the bay area with the cliffs.

I will try and add pictures when I get state side since I don’t have my laptop with me. Hopefully on the next entry I will go into more detail.


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