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Equal Rights

Equal Rights can be a touchy topic. People as a whole have rights as a human but they should also be treated as equals. Equal rights is defined “as the officially recognized equality of citizens (subjects) before the state, the law, and the courts; one of the fundamental elements of democracy. The constitutional guarantees of equal rights and the extent to which equal rights are realized indicate the level of democracy in a society and state system” (freedictionary.com). I know there is no such thing as a perfect society or perfect country but I am not sure how we can measure progress without looking at the big picture. How can any country be the greatest in the world but yet still deny people equal rights based on religion, sexual orientation, gender or even based on race.

The United States has been around 1777 or before if you factor in colonization. There have been strides to make equal rights but it has taken generations to even begin to make things right. Everyone should have the right to equality in work the work place and society. It is not clear as to why governments can tax people but still deny many equality in many different aspects i.e. (equal pay, marriage…). The only way to have the greatest country or nation in the world is by treating its citizens like equals and giving everyone a fair chance at happiness and every opportunity.

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